Leave a professional voice mail message.

Leave a Professional Voicemail Message

Leave a professional voice mail message.Today, technology requires us to use many numbers and locations for telephones, fax machines, mobile phones, and email. Often, these mediums can be very impersonal. However, by applying some “electronic etiquette”, we can make our digital communication more effective.

Voicemail Tips

  1. State your name and company
  2. Clearly say your phone number
  3. Details – ask specifics of what information you require
  4. Clearly say your phone number again at the end of the message
  5. Consider leaving your email address as well

Be Brief!

Keep the message concise and detailed. Speak slowly when giving your name and telephone number at the beginning of the message and say your phone number at the end again. How many times have you replayed a message and became frustrated because you couldn’t understand it? As far as the details are concerned, instead of leaving a message such as, “Call me so we can prepare for the meeting,” say, “For the meeting this Friday, let’s decide on the location, time and agenda.”

Personalize the Message – Try this Tip!

Here’s a tip that can dramatically improve getting voicemail messages returned. When you leave a message, the last word to leave, after you say goodbye, should be the person’s name. This personalizes the message. It’s warmer and friendlier when someone picks up a message and hears, “…thanks, I’ll speak to you soon. Bye, Bob” (of course, that’s if the person you’re calling is named Bob).