How and when the telephone number was invented

The telephone number was invented in autumn 1879 by Dr. Moses Parker in Lowell, Massachusetts. There was an outbreak of measles and the Doctor was concerned that replacement operators filling in for the sick ones wouldn’t know which people were associated with the several hundred jacks that needed to be patched.
Dr. Moses suggested the use of numbers. At first the local Bell company management protested that its customers would consider their designation by numbers to be beneath their dignity; nevertheless, it saw the logic of the doctor’s suggestion and followed it. The subscribers were not outraged; the epidemic quickly passed and the telephone number was here to stay.

The word telephone means

The word telephone means: “to talk far off”  

shutterstock_269148404People have sought better and faster means of communicating as far back as the cavemen. African natives used tom-tom drums and North American Indians used smoke signals. The Romans sent message by trained runners on foot, and mounted riders have been used to carry messages for centuries. The use of carrier pigeons was another means of long distance communications. In later years more sophisticated devices, such as the semaphore, the heliograph and then the Morse Telegraph were developed. All of these provided a back drop for the invention of the telephone.

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