Defending Your Business from Ransomware

Thanks to Infrascale and the Barrie businesses that joined us at Kenzington Burger Bar this week. We had a tasty burger and beer lunch topped off with a webinar on ransomware. Here are the pics and supporting documents if you’re interested in options to protect your data.

Defending Your Business from Ransomware Presentation

Prepping for Ransomware in 2017 – Risks change, and so should you.

OUR MISSION is to help you Eradicate Downtime & Data-Loss

This presentation covers:

  • How ransomware has become the leading cyber crime in history and how bad it is
  • How ransomware works and three alarming trends
  • What are your options
  • Protect all your data with our complete solutions

Link to Defending Your Business from Ransomware Presentation


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UltraSafe Technology Delivers Triple-Stage Encryption for True Cloud Security

Protecting your data from the preying eyes of hackers and unwanted surveillance is now a fundamental requirement in today’s cloud solutions. Infrascale’s platform is uniquely built to deliver a truly surveillance-proof cloud.

Learn more about Triple-Stage Encryption ->

Video: Use Anomaly Detection to Defeat Ransomware

In this 2 min video, you’ll learn how Infrascale’s anomaly detection feature works to help prevent you and your users from having to pay out to ransomware.

THM Group, Your Complete Cloud Backup & Recovery Program with Infrascale

You may think you have a backup solution in place, but is your solution good enough to quickly return your business to normal after disaster? If that solution is disk or tape, think again. Outdated solutions are simply
that: Outdated. A solution is needed that will keep your business prepared for quick recovery, or low RTO (Recovery Time Objective) in the face of disruption. A proper backup solution is only as good as its recovery.

A Managed Data Protection Solution Includes:

  • Setup and installation
  • Daily monitoring of backup operations
  • PC recovery services
  • Weekly backup reports
  • Server restore to additional hardware
Let’s talk,
Bob Lacey, 705-792-2115 #222
Tracy Myers, 705-792-2115 #221
The THM Group, Custom Voice and Data Solutions

Fun stuff!

Congratulations to Julie Harris (left) from Tamarco Contracting Ltd., winner of our Amazon Echo draw presented by Tracy Myers (right) from The THM Group.


Local Barrie business people enjoying a burger and beer at Kenzington Burger Bar before Derek Wood presented “Prepping for Ransomware in 2017”.

Thanks for coming out!