Free Business Phone Bill Analysis and Audit

Many companies pay more than they should for business phone services

Contact THM Group for a free business phone bill analysis.

Contact THM Group for a free business phone bill audit and analysis.

Over time things in your business change and so should your business phone services.

When we perform business phone bill audits we often find phone lines that aren’t in use any more and they’re still being paid for, or lines that have no long distance plan in place, meaning you’re paying the full long distance rate for calls on that line.

With your business phone system do you have?

  • unused business phone lines
  • features that you have no idea how to use
  • out of control fees and costs
  • excessive long distance fees
  • high conference calling charges

All we need to do a business phone bill analysis and audit is to talk to you for a few minutes, then review copies of your phone bills. Use our handy phone bill audit form, upload a up to three recent telephone bills and one of our consultants will get in touch to arrange for your complimentary Business Telephone Analysis/Audit.

What are you waiting for? Let’s see if we can help your company save on business phone services.