Give Your Data the Best Cloud Archive

You never know when old data might become mission-critical, right?  Whether it’s meeting regulatory requirements or following good data protection practices, adopting a cloud archiving solution is the most affordable way to keep your data available.

  • Reduce Data Archiving Costs:
    Friends don’t let friends throw hardware at the archiving problem.  Introducing cloud archiving to your data, means less hardware and lower costs.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements:
    Retain data in a secure, encrypted archive to meet industry mandated requirements.
  • Don’t leave your Archive Unlocked:
    Better data archiving solutions starts with better security.  It’s why we provide double blind encryption and give you the key.

Archiving Compliance

HIPAA today, FIPS tomorrow.  As your company moves into different industries, you want a cloud-archiving solution that lets you easily comply with federally mandated requirements. And security? We’re on it.

  • Triple Layer Encryption & The Key:
    We use private key encryption along with double blind encryption so only you can view or decrypt your data in the cloud.  We call it Ultrasafe.
  • SAS70 Data Centers:
    We operate in 12 independent data centers (SSAE 16 (SOC 1)/SAS 70 Type II audited) on five continents. Only you can view or decrypt your data.
  • Compliant Cloud:
    Meeting compliance regulations, like HIPAA, FIPS, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley SOX, GLBA, and CJIS is our sweet spot.

Searchable Cloud Archive

Infrascale brings a searchable cloud archive that fits into any environment and meets any deployment requirement.

  • VMware Ready:
    Infrascale brings integrated backup, recovery and archiving to virtual environments.
  • Windows, iOs, Android and more:
    Infrascale supports more than 100 versions of the following: Windows (SQL, Exchange, SharePoint), AIX, Linux,Unix, and iOS and Android platforms.
  • Physical and Virtual Servers:
    Tired of deploying multiple solutions?  We thought so, which is why Infrascale  can protect physical and virtual servers, laptop fleets, and mobile devices.
  • Don’t get locked into a vendor’s cloud:
    Our cloud, your cloud, any cloud – you choose where your data is kept. Infrascale’s data archiving solution allows you to move data easily from one cloud to another – no more “check in, but you can’t check out” cloud.

Powerful IT Controls

Optimize cloud archiving storage costs with powerful retention policy controls. At Infrascale, we let you determine what data is mission-critical and should be stored in the cloud: 

  • Forever Save:
    Keep everything, including all versions of saved files in the cloud archive.
  • Replication Mode:
    Files are backed up to the cloud as they are added or changed, and removed from the cloud if they are deleted locally.
  • Local Purge Mode:
    When files are backed up to the cloud, they are only kept for a specified set of days before being removed from the local machine storage.
  • Cloud Retention:
    When files are backed up to the cloud, files are only kept for X days before being deleted from the server allowing administrators to comply with regulatory or internal mandates for data preservation.


The THM Group has partnered with Infrascale to provide disaster recovery and cloud backup services, including ransomware protection for your business. Contact us and we’ll be back to you with information about Infrascale and disaster recovery as a service solution (DRAAS). Or call us to discuss cloud back up services, how to protect from ransomware and avoid costly downtime.