Don’t Pay the Ransom!

When you’re infected by ransomware, your first line of defense is having a backup and Disaster Recovery plan in place. And it only counts as a plan if you’ve tested it and you know it works!

Number One Ransomware Defense Strategy

The number one threat polluting enterprise networks is ransomware. According to a recent survey, 41% of U.S. businesses had at least encountered between one to five ransomware attacks in the previous 12 months. When you’re infected with ransomware—you have two choices: pay the ransom or recover data from a clean backup.

  • Unlimited Version History
    If ransomware changes your most recent backup, having unlimited version history gives you the confidence to turn back time to restore unencrypted files from a known good backup.
  • Don’t just Protect your Servers
    Not being able to recover your CEO’s desktop files is never a good answerSince ransomware is disseminated via phishing and web downloads, endpoint protection is vital to guarding against today’s most pervasive threats.
  • Simple & Fast Ransomware Solution
    Infrascale makes it simple to restore any versions of files backed up. Just find a clean, unencrypted version of the files or folders you want to restore and download them in seconds. Problem solved.

Protecting your Company’s Data

Ransomware is designed to infect the network rapidly, initiating file encryption in just three seconds. Infecting individual files is one thing, but when ransomware infects mission critical applications and databases, you need a ransomware  solution that can restore running systems in seconds – not hours or days.

  • Push Button Failover
    Boot up clean VMs from an on-premise appliance or from a public/private cloud in seconds. This can save hours of downtime by getting your applications, production databases, and users online by accessing a virtual production environment.
  • Identifying the Point of Infection
    Quickly browse a disk image to quickly determine the time of infection and then restore a backup just prior to that point in time.
  • Destressing a Stressful Situation
    The worst part of getting infected by ransomware is not knowing whether you can recover from the attack and how much data and productivity will be lost.  Sleep better knowing that you can simply and quickly recover from the unexpected.

Video: Use Anomaly Detection to Defeat Ransomware

In this 2 min video, you’ll learn how Infrascale’s anomaly detection feature works to help prevent you and your users from having to pay out to ransomware.


The THM Group has partnered with Infrascale to provide disaster recovery and cloud backup services, including ransomware protection for your business. Contact us and we’ll be back to you with information about Infrascale and disaster recovery as a service solution (DRAAS). Or call us to discuss cloud back up services, how to protect from ransomware and avoid costly downtime.