When was the last time you updated your on hold message?

Let’s face it people do business with people. Everyone has a phone and people still use the phone to call your business. What sort of experience do your callers experience when they call your company?

Do they get an updated friendly message with:

  • a relevant marketing story
  • your hours of business
  • how to find you on the Internet
  • other pertinent company news about your products and services

If you’re not answering YES to all these points then it’s time to review your on hold messaging and update it. And that’s where we can help!

The THM Group provides unique and creative On-Hold Productions including:

  • Creative script writing & production
  • Professional female/male voice talent
  • Licensed background music
  • Use & maintenance of digital playback recorder
  • Choice of message updates per year
  • Bilingual

Here’s an example of our Christmas Holiday 2017 message:

We’ll create a series of on-hold messages for your business

We keep it simple! It’s a small investment that will quickly pay for itself. Please contact THM Group for more information on how to get started.