woman_fortakeholdTake-Hold Marketing

The THM Group provides unique and creative On-Hold Productions.  Whether your on-hold objective is to inform, educate, sell, pacify or even entertain callers, the THM Group will develop specific programs for specific results.  By using vital information, for example, identifying the number of calls per hours, average hold time, reasons for calls, even who is paying for calls, the THM Group can isolate your “Caller Profile” and develop an effective On-Hold Production tailored to your specific “type” of caller, or company objective.

On-hold messages:

  • Reduce the number of abandoned calls
  • Reflect the professionalism and personality of your business
  • Enhance and reinforce your on-going marketing & advertising programs
  • Educate your caller on your full range of products and services
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Increase revenues
  • Provide proactive production updates
  • Provide account management
  • Help take care of everything so you don’t have to.

We make on-hold messages simple for you!

  • Creative script writing & production
  • Professional female/male voice talent
  • Licensed background music
  • Use & maintenance of digital playback recorder
  • Choice of message updates per year
  • Bilingual

Did you know? On-Hold stats!

  • More than 70% of business calls are placed on-hold for an average of 45 seconds each. 60% of the callers placed on hold hang up, and 30% of those that hang up never call back
  • 94% of company marketing budgets are spent on inducing a customer to call, while only 6% is spent on handling the call once it is received
  • Over 85% of callers prefer on-hold messages over “dead air” or silence
  • Callers stay on-hold up to 25% longer when provided with on-hold messaging versus “dead air” or “background music,” and up to 17% longer than radio
  • 1 in 5 respondents made a purchase or a decision based on information they heard while on-hold

We’ll create a series of on-hold messages for your business

We keep it simple! It’s a small investment that will quickly pay for itself. Please contact THM Group for more information on how to get started.